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Hypnosis For Health

Dr. Mary Kay Stenger PhD, RN, CHT

Achieve natural healthy balance with Dr. Mary Kay Stenger

In An Everyday Guide to Joy & Abundance, Dr. Stenger and career consultant Beth Wonson team up to tell the story of Beth's personal transformation and healing. With openness and candor, Beth tells a portion of her story, and Dr. Stenger offers commentary accompanied by a number of exercises used during her sessions with Beth. 

Today, Beth is one of the country's most sought-after coaches and trainers in the fields of career management and personal growth. Her transformation was magical, and so was the healing process, thanks to Dr. Stenger's expert techniques.

"Mary Kay Stenger captures the heart of existence itself. In a world that seems constantly out of control and chaotic, she helps the reader to understand the importance of creating a healthy soul and peaceful solution-based foundation upon which we can depend. She explains beautifully how the healing of our spirit or soul can open the door to solving many of our daily trials. This book has the potential to heal and enhance your life."  

-Dr. Paul McCarty, CEO, Nova Institute of Technology; psychologist & education specialist; college professor; researcher 


to the change you've been waiting for

What are SOULutions? 

At  the core of each of  us, deep beyond our intelligence, education, or emotions is the sacred part of us that is infinite, glorious, beautiful, wise, gentle and powerful--our soul. 

All of our physical and emotional issues are tied into our soul self. It is an integral part of us influenced by our behaviors or habits. Your desire to heal, to rid yourself of life long issues, may arise not just from physical fatigue or emotional pain, but from your soul, longing to feel peace.

At the basis of every solution in life is a SOULution, and 
you can now choose to allow all of your life's experience to work for your soul's evolution.

Learn more in Dr. Stenger's newest book: Science of the Soul, Soulutions of the Heart.

In this book you will find:

  • Basic information about heart and soul science
  • Scientific evidence with carefully documented examples directly from the healing room
  • Demonstrations that illustrate and describe a "soul path" or "soul journey"
  • Questions for reflection
  • Tools for assistance, including Visualizations, Relaxation Exercises & Guided Meditations

Now the knowledge of how to approach life with renewed ease and perspective can be yours as well.​